Responsible gambling

Responsible gambling

Early Warning Systems
Early Warning System - EWS

JogaBets is integrated into the "Early Warning System", organized by the world football association FIFA. Through this system, all suspicious, such as excessively high odds will be reported to FIFA for any match. EWS experts monitor betting on the world market and they are in contact with research institutions, with the aim of preventing fraud in sports.

Mozambique Gambling Board
Mozambique Gambling Board

Joga Bets is licensed and regulated by the Mozambique Gambling Board.


JogaBets does not accept bets from persons under the age of 18. Personal documents are required as evidence of potential customers to meet the requirements specified in the Law.


Customer Safety is our number one priority. All data are encrypted and protected by SSL, which provides the highest security on the Internet. We are committed to the protection of privacy and personal data of all our visitors.